Possibly the best view I have ever had. Last night I turned out the lights inside, and lay in bed watching the lights outside. And the Bellagio fountains:



Before that, I had dinner at Julian Serrano's tapas restaurant in Aria. I strolled in thinking I'd just have a light meal of one or two plates, and ended up having three plus dessert. Well, they were small. Ish. The yellowtail came covered in cilantro, which I scraped off. Possibly in apology (totally not their fault, I didn't think to tell them of my hatred for that loathsome herb), or possibly because I was a single diner, or possibly because the waiter liked me, my dessert was comped.


Everything was delicious, but the best was the lobster gazpacho. It had a sphere which I was instructed to pop in my mouth. When I bit into it, the thing crumbled into nothing, releasing a mouthful of intensely flavored soup. (It was made of cocoa butter, and contained the soup ingredients in concentrated form.) Absolutely delicious. And plenty of perfectly cooked lobster, too.


Chorizo with honey, garlic oil, and mashed potatoes. Very spicy, only somewhat mellowed by the honey.

Not pictured due to lack of cooperation by LJ: yellowfin tuna (raw) with tart ponzu-based sauce, wrapped around crunchy fill threads: delicious and unexpected. Dessert was a sort of pancake with macadamia nuts and caramel sauce. It was tasty but not inspired the way the savory dishes were.

From: [identity profile] davesmusictank.livejournal.com

Man makes me feel hungry seeing those pics.

From: [identity profile] nineweaving.livejournal.com

How perfectly magnificent! And well-deserved.


From: [identity profile] sunlit-music.livejournal.com

Those meals look so delicious! :-) The lobster gazpacho sounds so tasty.

From: [identity profile] wordsofastory.livejournal.com

Oh, wow. I think I'm slightly more jealous of the food than the view, but both are amazing!

I've never had "molecular gastronomy", I think it's called? – the sort of food with things like spheres of concentrated flavors – but I'd love to try it sometime.

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