Last night I dreamed...

...that I was at the ashram, and Gaara was there too. We were both in our early teens, and were warily circling each other in the manner of "I think I really like this person, but it would crush me if I was rejected, and also I am not certain what the normal procedure in in such situations (and that probably only applies to normal people anyway), so I will not make any overt overtures but will instead give them random casual gifts, like 'Oh hey, I just so happen to have two plums, want one?' and hang around with them, so that everyone in the world will notice that something's up except the person whose attention I'm trying to get."

His older sister (who was a tall blonde woman, but was not, confusingly, Temari, but rather some dream woman) took me aside and said, "You know, you've never visited him where he lives, and he's never seen you where you live, so you need to remember that people can be very different on their own turf."

"I know that," I said, annoyed that I was getting lectured already when the whole thing had only been going on for about two days. "But on the other hand, the first time I met your brother, he was a psychotic homicidal maniac, so it's not like I've only ever seen his best side."

At that point I woke up. Gaara at the ashram! Now there's a wish-fulfillment fantasy. There were any number of people I'd have liked to have Desert Coffined.

From: [identity profile]

Do you see yourself in this dream or is it viewed through your eyes?

If it's the former, are you animated? I've never had a dream where I interacted with animated people/characters.

From: [identity profile]

It was viewed through my eyes, and no one was animated. It was the "if he was a real person" version of Gaara, but still perfectly recognizable.

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