As a warm-up to our next BIG project (which will be announced next week) we will be doing a Bleach doujinshi.

It will be Rukia/Renji, rated R, 10-16 pages, price TBA, date of publication TBA. But it will be GREAT!

It was inspired by a request by [ profile] bravecows, and assisted by sage advice from [ profile] sho_sunaga. The name of our doujinshi circle will probably be Parakeet of DOOM.

From: [identity profile]

One day the "Parakeet of DOOM" joke may stop being funny.

Today is not that day.

(Also, yay! Bleach doujinshi!)
chomiji: Yukimura from Samurai Deeper Kyo, smiling and clapping his hands. Caption: Happiness (Yuki-happy)

From: [personal profile] chomiji

How wonderful!

Online, I can't make the "distant crowds cheering" sound effect I like to make on such occasions - but consider it made!

From: [identity profile]

Oh, this makes me feel better about writing the doujinshi I wrote. ^^;

From: [identity profile]

Excellent! (And ack, I need to order Spindrift from you guys too still.)

From: [identity profile]

YAYS!!! Excellent choice I must say for the pairing.

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