Ha. Ha. Ha-ha-ha!

What can I say without giving anything away?

1. It is for a fandom that I had forgotten I had offered.

2. It is a really great assignment and I'm excited already.

3. However, I am also terrified, because it has a certain specific difficulty that, oddly, I also had with one of last year's assignments. Although for a somewhat different reason. Hmm.

In conclusion, NEENER NEENER I GOT MINE!!!

ETA: Oh noes! There was a mix-up, and now they have to re-do it, and writing it as an extra bonus gift would be a problem (explained here): http://community.livejournal.com/yuletide_admin/18400.html?thread=379872#t379872

ETA II: Strike that, reverse it. Apparently that would be OK after all.

From: [identity profile] chibicharibdys.livejournal.com

I only now worked up the courage to task this, but in the context of LJ, what does ETA stand for? The only thing I can think of is 'Estimated Time of Arrival' but that doesn't quite make sense.
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From: [identity profile] estara.livejournal.com

I had EXACTLY the same reaction to this on telophase's blog a while ago, so I'm grateful to find out I'm not the only one who doesn't get that right away. I thought Addendum or P.S. for postscript were the usual way of expressing that.

From: [identity profile] telophase.livejournal.com

I use ETA because the addition could be placed anywhere in the post, and Addendum and PS (a) imply the addition is at the end and (b) don't really imply to me that it was added later, some time after the thing was written.

From: [identity profile] fourthage.livejournal.com

I am happier with my second assignment, because my first was in a fandom I also requested, and they wanted the same story I did! My actual assignment is something I would never have thought to write, but now that's it's been suggested I can't wait to start.

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