I realized the other day, while reading an excellent new manga which I shall not name for fear of spoilers, that a lot of manga men have one missing or blind eye. There I was, peacefully reading, and suddenly a man whom I had not expected to do such a thing suddenly revealed that he had one fake eye, which he did in the classic manner of popping it out without warning.

And so I bring you the great manga eyeball angst-off! Note that I have not spoiled anything by not naming which eye trauma goes with which character. Do not spoil anything unless you use white-out.

[Poll #925837]

For bonus credit, state your theories on the prevalence of missing eyes, blindness, why it's only men and generally only the attractive ones, etc.

For super bonus credit, name any female characters with missing or blind eyes.

From: [identity profile] canandagirl.livejournal.com

Not being a manga-reader, I found this poll to be hysterical...especially the last part.

From: [identity profile] mistressrenet.livejournal.com

You know, if you want a recommendation, you can always say which eye traumas you find most intriguing.

From: [identity profile] yeloson.livejournal.com

I think the male missing eye motif is supposed to be a way to indicate how hardcore someone is, deep physical damage, without taking away limbs (and capability). Then again, there is the old story of Jubei Yagyu having only one eye, so that probably has made for many one eyed heroes in manga as well.

Also- extra credit:

In the Basilisk manga, Oboro (female lead) stabs out both of her eyes with her fingers so that she can prove to the Shogun that she won't use her "Eyes of Destruction" and sue for peace between two ninja clans.

BTW are the initials of the manga you're referring to MC? It's a fun manga.

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

Whoa. No, not that one. It does begin with M though. (Sorry, can't get the white-out to work.)

From: [identity profile] yeloson.livejournal.com

I guess that just says something that we can pull up multiple instances of surprising eye pop-out-ism :P

From: [identity profile] yeloson.livejournal.com

Oh, wait, that's right, there's also Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens, where one girl has an eye-patch for at least half the damn series. Whether she actually has lost the eye or if it's just injured, I'm not sure. Though I think it's more to fit the Goth Loli look than anything else- since she rolls the eyepatch with a maid's outfit. Rei Ayanami also sported one shortly in Evangelion, though apparently it's (disturbingly) one of her more popular looks amongst fandom.

It's probably interesting to note the differences in vulnerability between male and female cyclopian characters- male characters usually get the patch and it just shows how much more badass they are, female characters usually get the patch on some kind of fucked up injury fetish.

(sorry for the repost, I just realized I'm not spoiling anything. Duh)

From: [identity profile] flemmings.livejournal.com

Before Yagyuu Juubei there was Date Masamune the one-eyed dragon (dokuganryuu), the lord of Sendai, who really did lose an eye (scarlet fever, was it? some childhood disease) whereas Juubei's missing eye was from some popular Meiji-period story and not historical at all. Just sayin'.

One-eyed men are a kink of mine but I never realized why until I misread a kanji in a bubble where the androgynous one-eyed chara asks 'I suppose you wonder what's underneath this cloth of mine.' (Meaning the cloth across his eye.) I read cloth as skirt, and suddenly saw the light- the empty eye-socket is a symbolic vagina and all one-eyed men (in manga- Date doesn't count) are coded hermaphrodites. Like Tiresias, possessing the knowledge of both sexes.

Yes well- I *said* it's a kink. (Not to atone for a mass-murder, in my original one-eyed man manga, but for killing his best pal and buddy. With his eye.)
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From: [personal profile] chomiji

(One-eyed manga guys)

I realize that this whole thing was almost 2 years ago, but I must add that Date Masamune, like so many other colorful characters of his era, shows up in Samurai Deeper Kyo. (See the top of this picture.)

From: [identity profile] amberdulen.livejournal.com

I wrote a one-eyed woman last year. I guess that doesn't count.

Losing an eye makes him sort-of vulnerable without being actually handicapped. I have no idea why it makes him look so sexy, but I am a serious pervy eyepatch fancier.

(FWIW, my uncle is blind in one eye. Measles or something.)

From: [identity profile] gaudior.livejournal.com

I wrote a one-eyed woman last year. I guess that doesn't count.

See, ditto. And ditto about the sexiness.

Though I think that the other thing about eyes is that they really squick some people. Eyes and teeth are the two things whose removal is really disgusting and torturous (plus fingers and genitals)-- but for some reason, an eye-patch then becomes sexy, where missing teeth never do. Go figure.
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From: [personal profile] weirdquark

Losing an eye makes him sort-of vulnerable without being actually handicapped.

Huh. I guess it depends on how they lose the eye, but I always thought that missing an eye usually means rakish, which tends to imply sexy in a dangerous sort of way.

From: [identity profile] juliansinger.livejournal.com

Insert wankery about Wertham's Injury to the Eye Motif here.

(Then insert wankery about it being a totally different culture. Freudians need not apply.)

From: [identity profile] marith.livejournal.com

Exchange eye for deific wisdom and a pair of ravens who can see for you?

I can think of some blind female characters, usually psychic or priestess types, but not any one-eyed ones. Hm.

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

Well, there's Callisto from Claremont-era X-Men, who was a bad-ass with a black patch.

Who were the three old Greek women who had only one eye to share between them?

From: [identity profile] juliansinger.livejournal.com

That'd be the Grey Women. (Graeae.) They also had only one tooth.

(This was in Perseus' story. They had to give him directions to somewhere I now forget.)

From: [identity profile] marith.livejournal.com

yah, them, though I only met them via the Prydain books. (Google also calls them the Stygian witches).

Oh, there's also the one-eyed old priestess grandmother-type in Inu-Yasha.

From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_ri/

Eyes are like "the window to the soul", and I guess when one is missing, it gives much more weight to the remaining one, at least in case of eyepatches, and the fact that one's hidden makes the whole thing mysterious. My thoughts on the visual aspect...

One female character of the manga "EDEN - It's an endless world" loses her eye (and ear; not saying which character for fear of spoilers, but she is one of the major ones), but that was to victimize her and to show the ruthlessness of her agressor. Later she carries a glass eye and there really wasn't that much difference from before...

From: [identity profile] pzb.livejournal.com

Heh....but then.... I have a thing for guys with glasses, so naturally, I'm inclined to go with those...even if they only wear half. XD

From: [identity profile] liquid-identity.livejournal.com

It's all fun and games until bishounen lose their eyes.

Simple: we superficially rely on eyesight more than the other senses. Losing one means they fight a lot. Therefore "able to function without one eye" = veteran and bad@$$.

It can also serve as a "loss of perfection" for beautiful characters so that makes a good villain trait.

As for why women (well, there's a minor character in Gundam SEED Destiny who had an eyepatch and a major character in V Gundam who was made blind) don't generally receive this sort of treatment, it could just be shounen culture and the reluctance to let them come to harm like that unless they were villains, in which case they'd already be marred (or seductive). I think Rumiko Takahashi is one of the only mangakas I know that draws "plain-jane" protagonists (Akane from Ranma and Kagome from Inu-Yasha).

Disclaimer: they're generalizations, and may not be true in all cases.
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From: [personal profile] ewein2412

I asked that very same question a while back and got some interesting answers in comments hhere
ewein2412: (harriet writing (no text))

From: [personal profile] ewein2412

or even just "here"... been watching a lot of I, Claudius lately
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From: [personal profile] snarp

1) Ram a bolt into the socket because you are apparently in some kind of hurry.

2) It's not ever explained, because it's not like you ever thought to explain the whole gender reassignment surgery thing, either.


My cheap answer: Slight asymmetry is sexy. Hence also scars, tattoos, half-masks, and the droopy-hair thing.

(...okay, what are the "smiling mask" (I'm sure I know that, and it's driving me crazy I can't remember it) and "lost due to a gunshot wound" ones? Because I'm sitting here seriously trying to imagine how that second one would work. I would imagine the eye would be one of the lesser of one's problems in that sort of a situation.)

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

Good point about the asymmetry.

"Smiling mask" is Chichiri in Fushigi Yuugi. Super-melodramatic cause for it, too.

"Gunshot wound" is a huge spoiler, as it occurs toward the end of something. It also happened in real life to a local actor/writer in LA: a gunshot to the head destroyed his optic nerve and blinded him. If the angle is right, bullets do sometimes cause various types of damage to the head and face without going through to the brain.

From: [identity profile] movingfinger.livejournal.com

Can't remember manga name, but woman character blinded by son of the older guy she was about to marry. He blinds her after he rapes her. I decided that story was not for me.

From: [identity profile] rushthatspeaks.livejournal.com

Not manga; David Mack's Kabuki. Which is an awesome story, but I can totally understand being squicked by it.

From: [identity profile] 0ccam.livejournal.com

Rip out an eye in an effort to gain wisdom.
Actually I suspect all the ones you've offered in your poll are variations on that same theme.

From: [identity profile] mistressrenet.livejournal.com

I have so many one-eyed icons I can use for this. I add another reason: THE FUCKING MANGAKA WON'T TELL.

Er. Anyway! In Western mythology the one-eyed god is usually a sun god or otherwise associated with the sun, like Odin. Wish I knew enough about Japanese mythology to know if that was universal. I certainly wouldn't call most of the one-eyed bishonen of manga/manwha wise, but....

From: [identity profile] hokelore.livejournal.com

I forget where I heard this line, but:

"I didn't actually lose my eye. I just didn't want it anymore after I got Dran-o in it."
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From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

I remember that too! Now it's going to drive me nuts where I heard it...a book, I think?

From: [identity profile] jinian.livejournal.com

Not manga, but: Hester Shaw from Mortal Engines and seq. has lost one eye and has massive facial scarring, which most people in the books find quite repulsive. She goes veiled a lot. A fictionalized Hester also appears at one point, and she is pure cheesecake with a dashing eye patch and a small, polite seam on one lovely cheek. Maybe our manga heroes are actually far more disfigured than they appear.

(Which eye was that? ... Hmm, her intro in ME never does say. Here I was hoping it'd be her left 'cause she's female, like shirt buttons.)
octopedingenue: (ginko just live the way you can)

From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

Spoilerfont: I guess the M-manga's story was too spoilery to use? And I think Chichiri and Gojyo need to get together and hug.

Someone here reminded me that Kaede in Inuyasha wears an eyepatch (she presumably lost an eye to Inuyasha in the first chapter). But she is a wrinkly hunched wisewoman type and not meant to be hawt. (Inuyasha later wound up one-eyed for about five minutes.)
You can stab a girl through the heart, but don't touch the face!

For another Other:
Give eye as requested reward to your former colleague, because he lost his eyes and his girlfriend in an assassination attempt on your then-living veryveryclose best friend, who was also the god-emperor and whom your former colleague helped you clone, even though you know said colleague now hates you and your now-dead VVC best friend and your VVC best friend's new clone, which will prompt him to steal your VVC best friend's corpse and make a VVC best friend EVIL clone so he can make a play for god-emperordom-by-proxy while screwing over all of you at the same time; but you do get an artificial eye while pissed-off-former-colleague-cum-terrorist is stuck with an unflattering eyepatch

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

The M-manga's eyeball backstory does not appear in volume 1, so I don't know what it is. I am guessing it was an occupational injury, though.

OK, WTF is the Other you summarized? Use white if spoilery.
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From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

I am VERY glad I didn't mention offhand any spoilery details of the M-manga above, then. I await further reports eagerly!

It's The Empty Empire, which is surprisingly awesome. And which was first published in 1993 so it is unlikely that he was stolen from Hakkai, so they are merely secret twins. (so to speak)

From: [identity profile] cerusee.livejournal.com

....is that...I forget how to use spoiler font; is that the manga that always gets shelved next to Emma in the bookstore? Maybe I should have kept reading it.
octopedingenue: (william: noblemen's daughters)

From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

yes and yeeeesssssssssss (I swear I will type up a review at some point)

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

I just read volume one, so go post your review now. Please.

From: [identity profile] marici.livejournal.com

How about, magically accept half your best friend/enemy's eye so you can both keep some depth vision? A subtle variation, I admit.

From: [identity profile] fmanalyst.livejournal.com

That's the one I was thinking of! Especially after they start to see the same things through it.

From: [identity profile] rayechu.livejournal.com

Yep! I really like that one, but the releases seem to be so slow.

From: [identity profile] rayechu.livejournal.com

Not anime/manga, but I didn't see anyone mention Leela from Futurama. (I think it counts because they tease her about depth perception.)

As for theories, is the opposite of the "I'm blind in one eye and strong" theme the "I got something bad in my eyeball and become evil" theme?

From: [identity profile] rayechu.livejournal.com

Hmms, I can't think of one, but the Snow Queen (Hans Christian Anderson?) has the guy cry out the evil shard (and we all know it takes a real man to cry).
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From: [personal profile] seajules

I was going to point you to the discussion about this topic in [livejournal.com profile] eegatland's LJ, but I see she already did, which saves me the trouble of hunting it down.

I've since expanded my animanga knowledge, and one of the new series I picked up reinforces the idea of physical blinding in good guys being connected to prior mental blindness to some form of evil.

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