All the "shoot your pet" choices have failed to make it to the semi-finalists! It was a tough round, but Alan's euthanized animal kingdom beat Old Yeller's rabies.

Regarding the first question, not to tip the scales, but I recalled two pieces of information that might be useful: the cat is one of the few characters who does not starve to death in the apocalypse; when Sounder's face gets shot off, the boy puts part of his ear under his pillow and prays for him to recover.

Incidentally, it's already out of the competition, but I found an excerpt from the Scottish dog-on-dog massacre. And Hoppin's young dog, who three hours before had been the children's tender playmate, now fiendish to look on, dragged after the huddle up the hill. Back the mob rolled on her. When it was passed, she lay quite still, grinning; a handful of tawny hair and flesh in her dead mouth.

Have fun, folks!

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From: [identity profile]

I was really surprised the cat made it in LAWKI. (And wasn't entirely sure I believed it, much as I loved the book. At some point, wouldn't you kick the cat out and start eating cat food? If you can starve for little brother's sake, the cat can starve for yours ...)

I still say the orangutans was robbed.

From: [identity profile]

Or that someone was.

The thing about the apocalypse, though, in that book at least, is that it isn't anyone's fault, unlike racism.

And the orangutans. :-)

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Were they feeding the cat, though? (I haven't read the book.) Because cats are excellent scavengers.

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, the cat was totally being fed, and being kept indoors I think. They loaded up on cat food early on, and mentioned having to cut the cat's rations later.

And humans can, if desperate enough, eat cat food themselves ...

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