This will probably amuse only three people, but it will probably amuse them a lot, so I will post the link. For reasons explained at the top of the linked post, I was challenged to make up the summary of a truly insane fanfic, complete with pairings and warnings, and it occurred to me that you could get a lot of insane out of Angel Sanctuary alone.

But just for fun, I did a crossover with Bleach and the Mahabharata. Warnings include but are not limited to clonecest, death of God, and blasphemy in three different religions.
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I so can't believe you didn't do Kira/Krishna's Armor.

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How about Nanatsusaya/Sudarshana Chakra?

I also called someone a "cross-genre" reincarnation when I meant "cross-gender." Though the former makes just as much sense under the circumstances.
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Re: Dammit!

I'LL TAKE IT! Goddamn, would Lucifer/Shiranui ever Win At Bankai.

Now I am imagining the possible permutations of cross-genre reincarnation sex. The clusterfuck of various Son Gokus alone would melt the universe.

Oh, oh! can the Neverending Sari be sentient? I'm thinking reincarnated modsoul by way of the Shroud of Turin. With bonus tragic Quincy love affair!

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Re: Dammit!

Ooh, the Neverending Sari/that spoiler from Ayashi no Ceres!

Oh, anime. I just realized that I have a *mental selection of characters who are sentient garments* with which to slash said sari, although actually I think most of it is het.

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I am truly, deeply in awe of this summary.

And possibly concerned that you don't seem sure whether or not Setsuna/his mother is canon...

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So, what was the (archery) shootout between Arjuna and Ishida like?

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They were full of spirit energy, shooting off like fountains or a tap that never turns off. Also, their bows were so big that only they had the strength to pick them up, let alone string or shoot them.

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Is this where we crossover with the Ramayana and Rama clears his throat, says "'Scuse me," and starts twirling both bows like a Texas cheerleader?

Maybe not.
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I see that you have already been offered internets in congratulations, so may I offer you my firstborn instead?

Because that absolutely killed me.

Although I think you missed a lot of potential mindfuck by omitting Parashuram, and any potential Parashuram clones (would he also have ended up cloned?) from the summary.

Plus, generations! The Mahabharata has like three generations in play! There are the (hot) stately old men, and the hawt strapping young sons that are about the same age as the Bleach and Angel Sanctuary human characters... The pairing list, it could stand to be expanded. ;)

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