Links to all the Yuletide stories I've ever written.

My assignment, to my delight, was for L. J. Smith! It was for one of her more obscure series, The Secret Circle, which is about teenage witches. That plus the length of the story probably explains why I got the fewest comments I have ever received at Yuletide or else everyone else who read it hated it. (It was correctly guessed as being written by me by [ profile] shewhowashope, who had spotty net access and couldn't comment.) But I had a blast writing it, and my recipient genuinely adored it.

The story not only spoils the entire trilogy in its first sentence, but probably doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t read the series.

The Star in the Sapphire

It contains non-vanilla sex of a spoilery nature, described at about a PG-13 level. This came about because my recipient said she likes smut, plot, and character-driven plots, and also requested a certain pairing. I ended up writing a character-driven, plotty story in which a certain sex act is essential to the plot.

That is to say: an orgy! Aww, my very first orgy.

How I got to the orgy went like this: my recipient requested Adam/Cassie but said that Adam/Nick/Cassie or Cassie/Nick would also be OK. My personal ship in the series is Faye/Cassie/Diana, though I also like Cassie/Nick. To satisfy both me and my recipient, and based on the premise that if she likes fictional threesomes she would probably not object to a fictional orgy… I went with an orgy, thus getting in Adam/Cassie, Adam/Nick/Cassie, Cassie/Nick, and Faye/Cassie/Diana. And more!

The dreamscape duels and the symbolic objects pulled from people’s bodies, especially the swords, were inspired by the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, which is also femmeslashy but way more intellectual and surreal.
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I can't believe I was right!

And I forgot to go back when I did get net access yesterday. Whoops.

I love that you managed to fit in everyone with everyone. And you even made Adam interesting! And you made me laugh, because I had forgotten what the great rite was, until the day before I read this, when the witch/vampire/generally supernatural chick littish novel I was reading had the protagonist have to perform it OR DIE. So I laughed as soon as Suzan suggested it.
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Which is to say: I really enjoyed it. It condensed all the best bits of the novel and made the most boring character not boring.

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Thank you! I had fun with it.

I was originally going to give Adam some dark and angsty secret, but then I remembered how much I enjoyed, in The Forbidden Game, that a number of the characters' deepest fears were based in childhood and were actually kind of silly, and they knew they were still... and they were still scary. I thought that was both funny and true. Hence, Adam's deepest fear: the Sofa of Doom.
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Doh! You wrote in the one LJ Smith series I haven't read! Well, these and the stand-alones she did very, very early on.

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