I finally made it to the famous gelato place, Scoops, after years of hearing about it. It's way on the other side of town and took me an hour to get there, but it was worth it.

Owner and gelato-maker Tai Kim is famous for his unique and constantly-rotating flavors, such as durian-ginger, black currant-basil, Guinness, salty chocolate, bacon, olive oil and sea salt, tomato, strawberry Shiraz, lavender coconut, green tea and ginseng, honey ham, taro, and Black Dahlia.

Tai was out when I came in, but an employee gave me a number of tastes. For $2.75, I got two small scoops of pear/white wine, which had the grittiness of fresh pears and a powerful Chardonnay hit, and strawberry balsamic, a richly creamy concoction with complex layers of sweet and acid. I got cartons to go of the strawberry balsamic and brown bread - the latter much like the best vanilla you've ever had, with overtones of fresh-baked bread and honey and a sweet crumb topping.

The flavors change daily or every other daily, so I will have to return for more once I've finished my pints.

712 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Hey, wait a minute! You don't get to make foodie posts about Southern California! That's the barren wasteland with nothing but diners all of whose waitresses are waiting for their big break!

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Are you by chance suggesting that Southern California wants to be Western New York? *g*

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it just sucks that he closes at like 6

OMG, the Black Dahlia is my FAVORITE. He doesn't always have it but DUDE, absurdly creamy BLACK ICE CREAM with that light floral sweetness. I WANT SOME NOW.

The olive oil ice cream is also very good there, and anything tea-flavored. There's an Earl Grey Tea which cycles through periodically and is not to be missed.

Next time you go, swing by and pick me up so I can come too?
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OOooooo I want to try so badly!
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It is terribly painful to read this when I am on the wrong continent to rush over and buy five flavours at once!

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The balsamic strawberry at Bi-Rite is also very good.

My GPS couldn't find Scoops. It led me to what looked like a shopping mall near a sketchy part of town, so I went to a nearby Yogurtland instead. I'm not sure if I was in the right or wrong place now, really. But next time, I will try to remember where it actually is!

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