In which there is eye loss, incest, and a cameo by Michelangelo.

I was positive that Mothiavelli was going to advise Chiaro to save Cesare’s soul by seducing him, but it turned out that he meant Chiaro should save Cesare’s soul by killing him. I could say something about the little death and penetration by phallic swords, but really, why bother? As long as manga lives, Freud is not dead.

Cantarella Volume 9 (v. 9)

I have nothing coherent to say about this, except that as of this volume, if I am following events correctly:

Alfonso and Sancia incestuously love each other.

Lucrezia and Cesare incestuously love each other, except that Cesare is currently possessed by demons and tries to rape Lucrezia in a cloud of feathers. Or does he succeed? It was hard to tell. Poor Lucrezia, I think someone has tried to rape her going on seven volumes now.

Sancia is having an affair with Cesare.

Lucrezia is married to Alfonso, but he gave her his blessing to get it on with Chiaro.

Lucrezia and Chiaro love each other, and Lucrezia had a baby by him, which Cesare tried to have killed.

Chiaro and Cesare (when not possessed) love each other (except when Cesare is trying to kill him or responsible for his arm loss).

Alfonso seems to love Chiaro. “The man to whom you have pledged your sword doesn’t know what he has. If it were me, I’d never let go of such a treasure.”

Someone needs to draw a color-coded diagram of all this! Right now the only major characters not currently obsessed with or married to each other are Sancia and Lucrezia, Alfonso and Cesare, and Chiaro and Sancia. Perhaps the most convenient thing would be if Chiaro, Lucrezia, and Sancia had a threesome.

Oh, and Volpe is still in love with Cesare, and is the new Michelotto. I cracked up at You Higuri’s tasteful rendering of their shadows during the mask handover, so it looks like they’re having sex.

Personally, I am in love with Alfonso, who reminds me greatly of Hakkai: incestuous sister complex, sweet smile, fond of small animals, dark hair parted to hide missing eye.

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I am happy to report that Cesare does not, in fact, rape Lucrezia! If only just barely. I'm fairly certain that Sancia and Chiaro remain in deep denial of their incestuous and slashy (respectively) feelings.

Lucrezia and Alfonso bonding over their mutually forbidden love for their siblings, who are having an affair, will never stop being great.

I am fairly certain that Higuri You is returning to it sometime this year!

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... I just idly clicked on this, and now my mind is a bit blown... O_O

I may have to read this. >_> It sounds like crack, angst, and teh pritty.

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