You can see the fandoms people have written stories for, though not the individual stories, here:

I am excited to read stories set in Akkadian Empire RPF and Heian RPF (real people fic - in this case, historical fiction, which is the only sort of RPF I read, with exceptions for stuff like sending Anthony Bourdain to report on Narnia), American Gods (a reliable source of good Yuletide stories), Saiyuki Gaiden, Wild Adapter, Vorkosigan series (16 stories!), "Total Eclipse of the Heart" music video, Red Cliff, These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer (4 stories), Pat Barker's Regeneration, and Galaxy Quest. To name but a few.

And of my old and current requests, I see 3 stories in Onmyoji, 1 in Modesty Blaise, 1 in Samurai Champloo, 1 in Barbara Hambly's Windrose Chronicles, and 5 in Dragonriders of Pern!

What are you looking forward to reading?
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From: [personal profile] jjhunter

There are at least two fills for every fandom I requested (Near Eastern Mythology, Tough Guide to Fantasyland, Queen's Thief series), and AO3 tells me I have two gifts waiting for me. This is good motivation to go back & do edits/general polishing prior to my own piece prior to reveal: it must be as shiny as possible!

Responses to my T-Minus Six Hours and Counting Yuletide poll yesterday were pretty hilarious, and generally triumphant. (Someone actually did check off '...I haven't started yet, but I will persist and post! (Somehow)', and not immediately either - I think it was about three hours pre-deadline.)
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From: [personal profile] fourthage

I am not checking, because the surprise is half of the fun for me, and I don't want to be spoiled on which fandom I'm getting a story in. The other half of the fun is scrolling down Christmas morning and going, "Wow, I never would have thought of writing something in that fandom!"
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From: [personal profile] fourthage

Heh. I always kept a careful tab on gifts as they appeared under the tree, and had lots of fun trying to guess what was in the ones with my name on them, but I never poked or shook them because I didn't *really* want to know what they were before Christmas.

(My grandmother was a boss at this game, as she put everything into those rectangular clothes boxes you used to get from department stores, regardless of the actual size or shape of the gift.)
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From: [personal profile] mme_hardy

I am really ambivalent because I know that, like, 1 1/2 people offered for any of my fandoms, so if I look at those fandoms and see a gift I will immediately be able to find out if that's what mine will be.
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From: [personal profile] mme_hardy

I am very pleased that somebody did get assigned and/or write the Ben and Jerrys one, though.
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From: [personal profile] kore

....and then there were those of us who went hunting through the house, found the hidden presents, unwrapped them, gloated, and then tried to wrap them back up, but did such a bad job they were inevitably, immediately busted.

Um. Theoretically.
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From: [personal profile] musesfool

I don't have a gift listed on my sidebar yet. *sadface* I was one of the first pinch hits that went out, too. So there are stories in three of my requested fandoms, but I don't know if any of them are for me!
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From: [personal profile] musesfool

Did it go out to the list again?

Not that I saw. Maybe they just screwed the uploading?

There are many other things I want to read, though, which is exciting.
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From: [personal profile] mildred_of_midgard

I don't participate in Yuletide, but I enjoy the stories. As you mentioned, looking forward to Akkadian RPF, woot, and Neil Gaiman, and of course I'll be checking out the Near Eastern and Classical mythologies. I'm really curious about the Child Ballad one. There needs to be more Child Ballad fic in the world, so much good material there.
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From: [personal profile] kore

....wait, Doctor Who? How does that work? Oh, I guess it's for an obscure Doctor?

From: [identity profile]

Yay, book fandoms: Hurog, Nightrunner and Swordspoint (8 stories)! \o/ Also, it's always good to see some Secret Circle fics. Maybe someone will have written on my OT3 or my OTP.

From: [identity profile]

Secret Circle book or TV?

There is always excellent Swordspoint fic for Yuletide. It's a tradition.

From: [identity profile]

TV. I don't get why it doesn't get the same following as Vampire Diaries. Probably because TVD is mostly male characters and TSC is mostly female characters? :-( I love these girls.

Swordspoint fic never disappoints.
larryhammer: a low-fidelity picture of a man, label: "some guy" (Default)

From: [personal profile] larryhammer

There are stories for two of my requested fandoms. *bounces in his seat*

Also, yay Heian Era RPF. I would have offered to write that if I'd noticed it.

ETA: Byron's Don Juan!

Edited Date: 2011-12-23 08:58 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]

I GOT KABOOM! (ANTHROPOMORFIC). Which wasn't even a fandom till the nominations got cracky... I am so excited to read the newest bit of 100% Yulecrack. XD And I had a hand in enabling it! *bounces*

Other exciting fandoms:

I'm really looking forward to "Academia: Anthropomorfic", "Barrett's Privateers", and the other no-fixed-canon fandoms as well. They're always glorious.

Captain America has 15 stories! Chrestomanci has three! Discworld has 12! Disney Princesses has 5! Wait, how is Doctor Who a Yuletide fandom? ;P

Fairy Tales has 22 stories! Fairytales are one of the things Yuletide does best. Ooh, and Frontier Wolf has 4! There are 8 Hamlet stories (but no Macbeth).

Inspector Spacetime has 4 stories - fandom is kind of glorious, you know. ;-) JLU has three! *bounces* The Three Musketeers has five; so does Little Women. Lilo and Stitch has three.

Eh, why am I even making a list? I'm probably just going to (try to) read straight through the archive, like everyone else. XD
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From: [personal profile] kate_nepveu

Doctor Who is probably crossovers (I'd think Captain America too, frankly).

From: [identity profile]

Nope, Captain America is - just barely - a Yuletide fandom this year; I know because I came that close to requesting it.

(I went for Kaboom instead. Because it needed to be done. Judging by how over-the-moon I am about it, I made the right choice. XD)

The crossover thing makes sense, though! It also explains Harry Potter. ;-) I was rather puzzled.
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From: [personal profile] kate_nepveu

I guess a lot of stuff is getting posted as Avengers instead, yeah.

From: [identity profile]

So, as you may recall you sent me an invite and I signed up for an account and then ... totally failed to send in requests or sign up to do a story. But I am looking forward to reading:

Anna to the Infinite Power

A Little Princess (Though probably none of them used the prompt I would have included: "My favorite part has always been when the dragon comes to eat Miss Minchin.")

A Study In Emerald

Chalion Saga

Damar Series

Jane Eyre

Mythbusters RPF (yeah, yeah, RPFs can be creepy but I loved Bourdain in Narnia and the Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me crew reporting on the Zombie apocalypse was also the sort of thing that seemed like it would amuse the real people involved, if/when they read it, rather than bothering them. I totally bet the WWDTM folks read that fic, too. Because NPR fanfic is a rare enough beast to get printed out and passed around the office.)

Mary Russell

Mysterious Benedict Society


Real Genius



Witch of Blackbird Pond

Young Wizards

Some of my favorite Yuletide stuff in the past has been fanfic of middle grade books, because seeing someone look at something I loved as a kid, but writing with a more adult sensibility, is such a thrill.

From: [identity profile]

the sort of thing that seemed like it would amuse the real people involved, if/when they read it, rather than bothering them.

That is exactly how I sort stories about living people into read/don't read as well.

I would love to see a dragon eat Miss Minchin.

From: [identity profile]

Do you read [ profile] rivka? Apparently when she read her daughter "A Little Princess" (or maybe she was just summarizing it?) her daughter asked her if, at the end, they KILLED Miss Minchin. When Rivka blogged about this there followed some discussion of how disappointed Alex would be with the actual ending, and Jo Walton noted that her favorite part has always been when the dragon showed up to eat her.

Or maybe I dreamed this entire conversation since I can't find it with Google? ANYWAY. "Dragon eats Miss Minchin" has Yuletide written all over it. For me, anyway.
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From: [identity profile]

"My favorite part has always been when the dragon comes to eat Miss Minchin."

Oh man, I would so read that story. :D Little Princess and Secret Garden have always been two of my Yuletide favorites.
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From: [identity profile]

*claps gleefully* I'm so excited, I started looking through the fandoms a couple days ago.

A Little Princess (3)
Anne of Green Gables (3)
Emily of New Moon (5)
His Dark Materials (2)
Jurassic Park (5)
Old Kingdom series (4)
Tangled (2010) (13)
The Secret Garden (1)
The Witches (1)
Twisted Princess (Disney Fanart) (6)
Queen's Thief (3)
Vorkosigan saga (16)

From: [identity profile]

3 Tour of the Merrimack, and 16 Vorkosiverse!

From: [identity profile]

Woot, it looks like I got Warehouse 13 (only two stories were written for my other request on that list, and there were a lot of requests for that fandom so what are the odds). A few years ago I got the Yuletide story of my dreams, and I'm hoping lightning struck again!

Also, Inspector Spacetime! So awesome.

From: [identity profile]

I requested Akkadian Empire RPF, so I hope the story's for me! But even if not, I am so looking forward to reading it. And I almost requested Heian RPF as well, so I'm super excited for that. I'm really happy about a lot of the fandoms on the list- Swordspoint, Mahabharata, Gay Pirates, Slenderman, Tortall, The Years of Rice and Salt... so many wonderful fandoms! I can't eait till the archive opens.

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