Yesterday Yoon and I got to hang out! We baked a pluot cake and a non-pluot cake, because I became paranoid that the pluots were a bad idea, not being specifically cooking pluots, and also we hadn't bought enough of them for two pans. They came out delicious and the pluot cake especially looked beautiful. Yoon has photos, linked below.

We also went to a used bookshop. I bought book two of LJ Smith's The Forbidden Game in the hope that eventually I'll find book one. I also bought a book which I initially pulled from the sf section because I thought it had been misshelved. It is The Legend of Tarik by Walter Dean Myers, a very respectable mainstream author of usually serious, sometimes comic, but always realistic YA novels, and also of nonfiction on African-American topics. But no! It actually was fantasy!

"Tarik was just a boy when he saw his family slaughtered by the evil tyrant, El Muerte." Hmm. There may be a reason why I never heard of this book.

We listened to a little Sweeney Todd in the car ("It's about a homicidal barber who cuts throats, and his accomplice Mrs. Lovett, who bakes the bodies into pies! You'll love it!") and had burgers at the famous Pie n' Burger. They were pretty good. Sadly, we had to skip the pie, as we had previously stuffed ourselves with pluot cake.

But all that is mere prelude for the real reason for this post: to alert you to Yoon's hilarious report on one of the most bizarre animes I've ever seen-- and that's saying a lot-- strange '80s anime Aura Battler Dunbine. Kind of like Escaflowne, only even more insane-- Yoon aptly described it as "incomprehensible exposition punctuated with explosions"-- and featuring random naked jogging pixies and characters named Lord Weapon Shot ("He's from California," someone explains) and Marvel Frozen (no explanation given.

Must be seen to be believed. But luckily, Yoon has screencaps!
From Yoon's LJ, where she has a detailed description and screencaps of the series we watched last night, featuring dragon-canes, Marvel Frozen, and a shocking amount of pink:

[ profile] yhlee writes: writes: ...that random anime series Joe and I watched at CJAS that had a villain named Vanilla Ice.

[ profile] telophase replies: I predict this was either JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Bastard!! Both of those play the Name This 80s Band with their characters and powers. If the main character looked like Tom of Finland had drawn him in a schoolboy uniform, it was JoJo. If the main character had long white hair and transformed into a 14-year-old-boy when kissed by the female lead, it was Bastard!!

From Stephanie's LJ:

[ profile] badnoodles writes: Under no circumstances save extraordinary drunkenness watch Agent Aika. It's terrible. No real plot, the most superficial of characterization, and cruddy art.

Agent Aika exists to serve two functions in this world: to hold the record for the most upskirt/panty shots per minute of runtime, and to make the phrase "tentacle-wielding semi-sentient battle bustier" a reality.

The extremely bishie-licious villain, Michikusa, wants to destroy the world by liberating the energy of a crystal that looks suspiciously like the Triforce. Why, we don't know. Or really care. He's accomplishing this feat with the assistance of his lover/sister, Valerie. She is never seen in anything other than bra, thong, and high heels, usually sprawled out in a pilot's chair or wrapped around her brother. She gets her thong in a jealous twist when the titular character winds up in Bro's bed. Valerie tries to fight Aika to get back in Bro's arms, but in order to defeat Aika's battle bustier, she must merge with a similar garment. She is unsuited for the intimate relationship with her new underwear, and after a climactic cat-fight, is reduced to a puddle of goo and a stain on her brother's crotch.

Ha. Ha. Ha-ha-ha!

What can I say without giving anything away?

1. It is for a fandom that I had forgotten I had offered.

2. It is a really great assignment and I'm excited already.

3. However, I am also terrified, because it has a certain specific difficulty that, oddly, I also had with one of last year's assignments. Although for a somewhat different reason. Hmm.

In conclusion, NEENER NEENER I GOT MINE!!!

ETA: Oh noes! There was a mix-up, and now they have to re-do it, and writing it as an extra bonus gift would be a problem (explained here):

ETA II: Strike that, reverse it. Apparently that would be OK after all.

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