Last year I visited New York City in order to meet my mother. (She lives in India, I live in the USA; the meeting place was more convenient than one might imagine.)

She stayed with some friends of hers who are dancers. She had brought me an illustrated children's Mahabharata and some Amar Chitra Katha comics. I looked through them, showed the dancers some illustrations, and told them some stories. Apparently I focused on decapitated and exploding heads.

For newbies, here is my Fannish Guide to the Mahabharata..

About that exploding head: A man named Jayadratha had a boon that whoever dropped his head to the ground would have his own head explode. When Arjuna and Jayadratha met in battle, Krishna instructed Arjuna to let fly an arrow so that when it decapitated Jayadratha, it would carry his head to Jayadratha's father, who was watching the battle from the sidelines, and drop it in his lap. Arjuna did so. Jayadratha's father leaped up in horror, letting the head fall to the earth... and his own head exploded!

You've got to be careful with the wording on boons.

As a direct, albeit belated result of my telling of such stories, the dancers are doing a piece on "the decapitated head through the ages," and have requested that I send them illustrations and stories. I obliged with a few Mahabharata stories, plus some Amar Chitra Katha comics, including a valiant Rajput woman who cuts off her own head.

I now have three requests for you:

1. The dancers were particularly taken by my story of Jayadratha's decapitated head and his father's exploding head. They requested an illustration. I can't find one. Does anyone have one or know of one? A link, an emailed image, or even a mailed Xerox if you wish to go that far would be great.

2. Do you have any good head stories that I might have missed or forgotten? Not limited to the Mahabharata!

3. I did send them the one about the nodding self-decapitated head on the hill who watched the war of Kurukshetra. [Linked via the "disembodied head tag.] Does anyone have an illustration for that?
rachelmanija: (Gundam Wing: Sane against the odds)
( Jan. 10th, 2008 01:07 pm)
[ profile] flemmings, thank you so, so much! What a fantastic surprise!

She sent me a random grab bag of Gundam Wing doujinshi! EEEEEEEEE!!! [ profile] yhlee, we can play show-and-tell on Saturday!

PS: I'm just as happy that, as per the card, the "long-haired, dewey-eyed, twelve-year-old Duo ones were not included. Thanks for that, too!
rachelmanija: (Bleach: Parakeet of DOOM)
( Jan. 10th, 2008 04:10 pm)
For some unknown reason, my computer is refusing to let me into gmail: neither typing the url in directly, nor clicking from the google homepage, nor using my saved link will do anything but get me a completely blank page.

Please email me via hotmail until I report this problem solved. Thanks!

ETA: Fixed! See comments.

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