A friend tipped me off that some crazed Baba-lover (ID'd only as Pippa17) edited the entry on my home town of Ahmednagar, where I had a brief mention as a notable person from there, to read as follows:

Rachel Manija Brown has written a book All the Fishes Come Home to Roost in which she recounts her harrowing experiences (as a child between the ages of 7 and 12) in Ahmednagar in which she was tortured by the cruel Hindu children and chased by chickens. Miraculously she survived and made a vanity website.

Mostly this is mildly amusing malice, but I was not happy with the implication that my book was a slam on Hindus. The majority of the mean kids probably were Hindus, but that was due to the demographics of the town as a whole. I was also harassed by Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and Baba-lovers, no doubt in proportions relative to their own percentage of the population.

Also, I note for the record that there is nothing in my book about being chased by chickens. Pippa17 is either misremembering my account of being chased by humans, monkeys, and a swarm of bees, or else is mixing me up with Terry Goodkind's Kahlan, who is indeed menaced by an evil chicken.

The friend who noticed this and re-edited the page to make my mention a bit more neutral also added a sentence on my book to the highly worshipful Wikipedia page on Meher Baba, in the section that cites books and other media that mention him. But it was removed within seconds! Perhaps the evil chicken did it.
I note merely for posterity that I have now commandeered someone else's kitchen to bake cookies because of a dream. Or, as Yoon said, the soul of the universe told me to.

Two nights ago I had a lucid dream in which I was on a shuttle bus in New York City. It was very dull but I couldn't escape. Then some dude on the bus started eating cookies, and it occurred to me that since it was a dream, I might be able to get my purse to materialize cookies. So I mentally commanded, "Cookies!" And I reached into my purse, and lo! Cookies! Entemann's English toffee cookies, which they might have stopped making because I can never find them any more. After that, I got my purse to materialize a bottle of water.

So I went to Yoon's place and demanded that we attempt to recreate those cookies. We used Hershey's Skor bars and a random recipe off the net that suggested Heath toffee. Maybe my dream was prophetic after all: they were delicious.

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