I meant to do standard "winner of # 1 faces winner of # 2" bracketing, but was forced to shake it up as the contenders in the "You have to shoot your beloved pet" category tied. Also, I added a couple that I forgot last time. Katherine Paterson now has her own category!

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I had massive sister-issues myself as a kid, so I suspect that Jacob have I loved was kind of cathartic to me. Though the ending was a bit of a let-down, and part of me still wish that Louise (?) had stuck to her original game-plan and worked as used her qualifications as a nurse to get into med school, even if I think the last scene is about her getting some perspective on her childhood.
(OTOH, the ending to Of Nightingales that weep creeped me out to no end when I was younger.)

I never read Tehanu, because as long as I don't Tenar can do whatever she wants with her life. ;-)

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