Ants in my sink. Scattered ants on my desk.

Small mercy: so far, there are no ants in my pants. But I'm going to shake them out before I put them on.

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Terro ant baits. For reals. Ain't worth your time otherwise.

Sorry to hear that they've come back. Icky little bastards.

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They're those damn Argentine ants, probably. The Terro bait traps (little self-contained plastic things that you snip to make the liquid bait available) work really really well. They come six to a box; scatter half a dozen around the areas where you see the ants coming in (you can often track them back to a crevice or something like that) and just keep crumbs etc under control. After about three days you should see many fewer ants. Replace the traps with fresh ones after a week or so.

Careful not to jiggle them too much, the stuff inside is sticky and a pain to clean up.

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They're back in our kitchen, too. Great BIG ones.

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I don't know what you've tried before, but when I had the beginnings of an ant invasion in my old apartment, I had great success with lemon lysol. I found where I thought they were getting in and stuffed cotton balls soaked in lysol everywhere I could.

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