In honor of the upcoming release of Rebel (Book 3).

Ask me anything about the series, the characters, the world, etc. Sherwood will be popping in too!

This post allows spoilers for Stranger but not Hostage. There is a spoilery post which allows spoilers for both books that are out now.

Ask questions here in this post!
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From: [personal profile] skygiants

I am curious what POVs we're going to get in the new book!
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From: [personal profile] sholio

In a shared series like this, I'm curious how you and Sherwood create and develop characters for the series - that is, do you have some characters that are "yours" or "hers", do you show up to a brainstorming session with an idea for a new character and then develop them together, or is it entirely a shared process from the initial concept? Or does it vary?
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From: [personal profile] laurashapiro

What made you decide to make food so significant to these books, and can we get any Los Anclas recipes?
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I think I remember you saying that Becky Callahan is bi, is that right? And does she get to kiss girls in this one?

I can't wait to get back into this series. I had such a great time with the other two.

Oh! My other question. Is that lady whose face is half weird in this one? I loved her (but can't remember her name right off the top of my head). .....and now I can't remember if that character is a spoiler for Hostage or not! Sorry.
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Did Hostage ever come out in hard copy? Will Rebel be available in print? I received a print copy of Stranger as a gift a few years back, but since I have a thing about keeping series in the same format (paperback, hardcover, nook, kindle, google books, etc), I haven't picked up Hostage, since the first I heard of it, someone told me it was available in ebook format only. I'd rather have the whole series in print than ebook, although I'm willing to re-buy Stranger in e-format if I can't get the others in print.
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Okay! How (if at all) have your conceptions of the characters and the overarching story changed during the course of writing, and how (if at all) has the story evolved?

From: [identity profile]

Is there a character you'd love to have used but whose arc just didn't fit the scope of the story?

How much of the rest of the world outside of Las Anclas have you talked through with each other? all of California, all of the West, all of North America, all of the world?

From: [identity profile] chilla vark (from

What is your favorite family relationship you've written in this series so far? And what are your general feelings about Las Anclas life - would you live there? (In, uh, normal, pre-series circumstances!) I go back and forth between 'what a beautiful town, move me in tomorrow', and a more Yuki kind of approach.

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I liked the various versions of existing cities in the first two. Where will our characters go in this new book?

From: [identity profile]

You may have implicitly answered this when you answered Marissa's post above, but I wondered if any major new characters had presented themselves and insisted on being in the final version of the book. I like the existing ones very much and am excited to see more of them, but I can't help being curious.


From: [identity profile]

after you're done with the tetralogy, do you think you're going to come back to this verse? with different but existing characters (like Older Yuki's Wilderness Adventures or whatnot), or previous generation, or a completely different corner of the same world, et cetera?

and a trick question - who're your personal character favorites, for both of you? whyyyy? :D

From: [identity profile]

How did you and Sherwood come up with the amazing world building and alternative history (the landscape, the trees, the magical wildlife)?

Oh, and Ross and Jennie are awesome. ^_^ (Okay, that's not a question).

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